CARAVAiles was created on September 2010 and means in french "Compagnie d’ Aviation de Réseau Aérien Virtu’ Ailes."

CARAVAiles is a french virtual airline, registered by IVAO, among the most active and surely one of the most innovative.

Optimized for Flight Simulator X, PREPAR 3D, X-PLANE, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020,
it uses the online virtual airlines management system FSAIRLINES to simulate the economic airline’s environment.

• Equipped with a fleet of one hundred aircraft of all types,

we deploy our wings to the most beautiful scenes made ​​for Flight Simulator.

• You will fly on IVAO network.

• CARAVAiles is managed by a dynamic and accessible STAFF.

We voluntarily limit the members of about twenty pilots for better management.This facilitates the community spirit of solidarity between members and makes the experience of virtual pilot in CARAVAiles more friendly.

• We offer among others:

Scheduled flights, charter flights, World tours, Fly-in, missions of conveying, assignments ...

And many more activities ...

 • For more information:

Do not hesitate to consult our rules and uses

 We hope you will join us soon.


1.1 Conditions of registration with CARAVAILES

- Be of legal age (18 years old on the date of registration)

- Have at least grade IVAO FS3 (flight student 3)

FS2 accepted if really motivated (specify the motivations in the comments box of the registration form.)

- Any pilot wishing to join CARAVAILES must fill in his registration form HERE

After studying your request, we will answer you as quickly as possible (48 hours maximum)

The CARAVAiles staff reserves the right to reject your registration without justification on their part:

- In the event that it is not completed correctly.

- In the event that the selection criteria are not respected.

Remember that your registration form is your first contact with us.


2.1 Pilot trainee

• Upon joining the company, the CARAVAiles pilot occupies the rank of trainee pilot (trial period) for the first 30 days maximum.

The trial period allows the trainee to test our tracker (tool for tracking your flight) as well as our rules of use.

The trainee pilot can only perform the activities of scheduled, charter and cargo flights. The other activities will be available to him if he becomes a regular pilot.

The trainee pilot can interrupt this trial period at any time before the 30 day limit by choosing to:

become a full pilot and have access to all CARAVAIL activities.

or resign in the event that CARAVAILES does not meet its expectations.

- If the trainee pilot has at least the IVAO PP grade, he is authorized to fly on the IVAO network with his CARAVAILES call sign during his trial period.

- As long as the trainee pilot does not have at least the IVAO PP grade, he is not authorized to fly on the IVAO network with his KVL callsign during his trial period, unless he requests a flight test online on IVAO.

- The trainee pilot can (at his request) benefit from a sponsor (CARAVAiles titular pilot) in order to have a privileged contact in the company and to assist him as much as possible during his trial period.

2.2 Establishment

The tenure closes the period of observation of the operation of the company by the trainee pilot and therefore validates the pilot's decision in choosing to make CARAVAILES his virtual company.

- If the titular pilot has at least the IVAO PP grade, he is authorized to fly on the IVAO network with his CARAVAILES call sign.

- If the titular pilot does not have at least the IVAO PP grade, he is not authorized to fly on the IVAO network with his CARAVAILES callsign,an online test should be arranged with a company captain (Captain) to verify his skills.

Once their status as CARAVAiles titular pilot has been validated, the CARAVAiles pilot:

- Obtains the creation of its pilot page.

- Access to CARAVAiles communication tools (Mailing List - FORUM - CARABOOK - etc…)

- He can choose a different company identifier provided it is free and in the form KVL00XX.

00 being a number between 00 and 99, XX being the pilot's initials.

2.3 Online flight test on IVAO

This test consists of checking the pilot's behavior on IVAO and the correct use of its rules by performing a flight between two airports at least 100nm apart.

The choice of departure and arrival airport is left to the choice of the trainee pilot.

IVAO ATC coverage is not required. The transmissions on UNICOM can be substituted.

If this test is successful, the trainee pilot is authorized to fly on the IVAO network using his CARAVAILES callsign.

If this fails, the trial period is extended by 30 days.

2.4 Pilot ranks

Pilot trainee

(see above)

Airline pilot officer.

Hold the IVAO Advanced Flight Student (FS3) grade or lower.


Hold the IVAO Private Pilot grade or higher.


The STAFF function (Administration - Head of sector) is accessible to all the pilots of the company.

The sector manager is in charge of one or more activities within the company.

It is also consulted on the orientations of the company.

The candidate for the post of head of sector responds to a job offer proposed by the company or proposes an activity for which he will be responsible.

The candidacy is subject to the approval of the majority of the other members of STAFF.

2.5 Absences, Leave, Resignation

• The CARAVailes pilot agrees to perform at least one quarterly flight (1 flight every 3 months-90 days) in order to maintain his skills.

If he cannot make this flight, he can ask to be assigned to the ground by declaring himself on leave either by notifying a member of the staff, or by the FORUM (CONTACT STAFF)

If he does not notify and in the absence of any theft after 90 days, he will be deemed to have resigned. *

* From 30 days for the trainee and 90 days for the titular pilot, and without any news from you, your account and your data will be deleted from CARAVAiles.

The CARAVAiles pilot wishing to resign and leave the company can do so at any time:

either by notifying a staff member, or by the FORUM (CONTACT STAFF)

CARAVailes staff reserves the right to resign at any time a member who has not respected its rules, or those of IVAO during its network flights.

2.6 Online flight on IVAO

During his flights, the CARAVAiles pilot:

- if connected to IVAO, respect its rules.

- Do not fly on IVAO, if he is not a titular pilot, or if he is not at his post in accordance with IVAO regulations.


3.1 Rules of use

• Planes start and end their rotation (preferably) at a hub in the same flight sector.

(See chapter 4.1 of the regulations: HUBS - LOCATION)

• Aircraft from the STOL - PROPELLER - SHORT - MEDIUM & LONG-HAUL fleets begin and end their rotation on all of the company's hubs,with the exception of CARACLUB-VFR HUBS which have their own hub.

• Aircraft in the CARACLUB-VFR sector start and end their rotation in La Baule (LFRE) / Chateauroux (LFLX) / Chambéry (LFLB) / Pointe à Pitre (TFFR)

• Aircraft in the CARGO sector start and end their rotation at Paris CDG (LFPG) or Pointe à Pitre (TFFR)

• Aircraft in the CARAVIP sector start and end their rotation in Nice (LFMN)

3.2 Operation

• You take an airplane into account and start your rotation:This can only be done from a hub and not from a stopover *.

* Unless the plane has been left free for more than 10 days on this stopover.

This device is exclusively reserved for you for a period of 10 days until you return to a HUB.

• Each flight extends your exclusivity on the device by 10 days, unless you land on a HUB.

However, a pilot can borrow your aircraft from a stopover only with your agreement.

In this case, it is the borrower who takes over the exclusivity of the aircraft.

• You end your rotation by landing on a hub in the same flight sector,

thus you lose your exclusivity on the device, making it again available to all other pilots.

• If you forget a plane at an airport other than a hub.

If the aircraft remains stationary for more than 15 days, it will be transferred to its base without notice.

3.3 Fleet management


It is possible to transfer an airplane to the airport of your choice.

This option is only possible in the following cases:

- Set up for a CHALLENGE, an IVAO tour

- Forgot to launch the FSAirlines tracker during an IVAO tour

To do this, go to the OPERATIONS -> REQUEST THE TRANSFER OF A PLANE page or directly by clicking HERE

- Desired device (registration + transfer destination)


A crash is detected as soon as your plane touches the ground with a rate greater than 1000ft / min.

The pilot responsible for the aircraft will be immobilized during the repair work of the aircraft (3 days) unless he sends a crash report to THE FORUM -> CONTACT STAFF explaining the circumstances of the crash so that the staff can again clear the pilot to fly.


In the event of a problem with your FSAIRLINES tracker, if you have a question or a problem, please contact STAFF using THE FORUM -> CONTACT STAFF.


CARAVAILES maintenance centers are based in Paris CDG (LFPG) and Pointe à pitre (TFFR).

It is important to direct planes with a status between 95.5% and 96% to a Maintenance Center in order to maintain them.

Please let me know using the "messages" tool on the FSAirlines site so that I can proceed with the work.


4.1 Location


Pointe a Pitre (TFFR)


Paris CDG (LFPG) - Paris Orly (LFPO) - Nice (LFMN) - Lille (LFQQ) - Toulouse (LFBO) - Lyon (LFLL) - Athens (LGAV)


Los Angeles (KLAX) - Atlanta (KATL)


Casablanca (GMMN)


Papeete (NTAA)


Paris CDG (LFPG) - Pointe a Pitre (TFFR)


La Baule (LFRE) - Chateauroux (LFLX) - Chambéry (LFLB) - Pointe a Pitre (TFFR)


Nice (LFMN)

• Planes start and end their rotation (preferably) at a hub in the same flight sector.

This means that if you take a B737 in Atlanta, please do not leave it "preferably" on the Pointe à Pitre HUB in the CARIBBEAN, this creates an imbalance of the planes available on each HUB.

• A short / medium-haul EUROPE / CARIBBEAN / NORTH AMERICA / PACIFIC aircraft begins and ends its rotation at a hub in its flight sector.

Same explanation as above, a B737 which is taken at CASABLANCA and which ends its rotation at PARIS CDG created an imbalance of the planes available on each HUB.CARACLUB-VFR

• LONG-HAUL sector devices start and end their rotation on all of the company's hubs, with the exception of the CARACLUB-VFR hubs.

• Aircraft in the CARGO sector start and end their rotation at Paris CDG and Pointe à Pitre

• The devices in the CARACLUB-VFR sector start and end their rotation only on the CARACLUB-VFR hubs.


5.1 List of activities


The flight of your choice with the device of your choice.

You choose your departure and destination airport.


Regular scheduled connections between two airports throughout the year.

Transport of passengers and freight from our hubs.

This is the official CARAVAILES airline network.


Simulate the flight of a real company.

We offer you a wide choice of real companies, French or foreign, active or missing.


Real or fictitious flight organized in the form of a challenge


A group flight, between company pilots.


Compete against other pilots on a route determined by the company.

You can fly alone or in a crew with another pilot to distribute the stages.


Each quarter, we offer you a common activity, to be carried out in several stages towards a destination according to a theme.


Participate in all IVAO events

Around the world - Tour division - Fly-in - Online Day - R.F.E.


Fly under the rules of visual flight (VFR)


From Friday to Sunday inclusive, rotate to an airport determined by STAFF.

The pilot with the best touchdown wins the activity.


6.1 Communication tools


It is the official channel of information and communication from the company to its pilots. (and not the other way around)

The registration of the pilot is COMPULSORY in order to be informed of the immediate news and the modifications of the regulations of the company.

A registration request will be sent to you as soon as you become CARAVAIles, you have 30 days to accept it.


This is where you will ask your questions and get your answers ;-)

You can also post your flight experiences, screenshots, create or comment on a topic of your choice.


News from the company are broadcast:

• on our FORUM and by MAILING-LIST if they are important

• Our FACEBOOK page

• Our Twitter account

Do not hesitate to comment on the news on the FORUM if you wish, we will respond to all your comments.


The company's private audio channel for chatting.



By using our communication tools, and in order to be understood by all, we ask you:

- To express yourself clearly, by banning SMS language and abbreviations

- To take care of your spelling as much as possible.

- Politeness, courtesy and good humor in your conversations ;-)